Containerized Fire Trainers: Flashover simulators, Smoke Scrubbers, Containerized burn buildings, Back draft simulators, Replacement Burn Chambers, Compartment Fire Behavior Trainers. (Download catalogue PDF)

Training Galleries: Mobile and stationary training galleries are purposely built to provide challenging SCBA mask confidence obstacle courses, to train firefighters in a safe manner. SCBA Mask confidence maze and obstacle course. Obstacles such as: Crawl tube, Diagonal gate, Swing gate, Tri-level maze, reconfigurable sides, Drop thru floor.

Phoenix Fire Tiles: A superior thermal lining system for firefighter burn buildings and burn rooms. The Phoenix Fire Tile is a high quality refractory tile with excellent thermal shock resistance and high abrasion strength resistance. Suitable for use up to 3,000 deg fah. Whether you are using Class "A" carbonaceous fuel or gas fuelled fire props, the Phoenix Fire Tile will protect it. 10 year Warranty. (Download catalogue PDF)

Turn out Gear: For our Canadian Customers only. Bristol Fire Apparel and Quaker Safety, manufacture a complete line of NFPA 1971 compliant firefighter turnout gear. Using the latest outer shell materials combined with moisture/thermal barrier cloths, Bristol and Quaker Safety's turn out gear is now available in Canada. (Download Quaker catalogue PDF) (Download Bristol catalogue PDF)