JFB Enterprises' founder John Butler, has been manufacturing "Better built" live fire training simulators since 2001. John is a 20 year veteran in a large paid Fire Department. As a former Training Officer, John realized the importance of having better built live fire training simulators that could withstand the rigors of live fire training, while still ensuring the training sessions could continue uninterrupted.

Before starting out as a simulator manufacturer, John noticed that his competitors training simulators, quite often, were out of commission due to warped steel, warped doors or burnt thru floors. Training sessions were getting cancelled or could not be run concurrently due to the heat damage on the containers.

In 2002, John was probably the first flashover unit manufacturer to install refractory tiles in his burn chambers. The refractory tiles protected the steel walls and doors of the burn chamber, thereby extending the normal useful life of the simulator. The refractory tiles, while initially more expensive to install, allowed for an eventual lower cost of ownership by reducing the constant need to repair warped and damaged steel.

Installing the refractory tiles also meant that the need to continually replace burn chambers, became unnecessary. Eliminating the need to replace the burn chamber meant that the entire simulator could be made as a one piece, stronger unit. No smoke leakage from warped steel sides or joints. No more Burn Chamber replacement.

In 2005, a new smoke scrubber system was designed and put into service, on some flashover simulators. The original smoke scrubber system utilized propane to burn the heavy smoke. Back again to the drawing board and John then designed and built, two new smoke scrubber systems. One that uses Natural gas and one that uses water as a medium to control the heavy smoke. In 2007, while working extensively on the design of his refractory insulation for his smoke scrubbers, John began to manufacture his own refractory tiles, the Phoenix Fire Tile.

The Phoenix Fire Tile is specially designed for use in any live fire training building or simulator. It can be used in any Class "A" carbonaceous fuel burn building or in any gas fuelled burn building or simulator. JFB Enterprises' can now offer a complete line of superior firefighting products, which include: Flashover simulators, Back draft simulators, compartment fire behaviour containers, smoke scrubbers, confined space simulators, SCBA mask confidence mazes, Phoenix Fire Tiles, Bristol Fire Apparel and Quaker Safety bunker gear.